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How to Book for PISO Sale.

Have you ever wondered if PISO Sale are true? Many of you may have thought that this is just a scam that airline use as promotion.  But you were wrong. PISO SALE are not just faux promotion, it is true. I have traveled a lots of time using a PISO Sale ticket. The truth about Piso sale is that they are so very limited you may not see it if you are not patient enough. To give you an idea how much it will cost with all the charges and taxes I have tried looking for a piso fare an I saw one from manila to cdo round trip. Total Amount is Php 1,113.24 all in. 

Now you may be thinking that Airline are liars how come it's Php 1,113.24 when the ad says its PISO. The amount that airline post on their ads are BASE FARE only. Our Government impose taxes and airport impose charges to airlines for the use of their facilities and of course airplanes needs fuel in order to operate and these charges are added to the base fare. 

Follow or consider doing these to help you in book for PISO SALE.

1. PISO SALE are often announced on MIDNIGHTS and on SPECIAL HOLIDAYS(e.g. valentines sale, Christmas sale)  or END and START of the Month( e.g March Awaited) if  your having trouble sleeping try checking airline sites on midnight or subscribe to airline's mailing list.\

2. Be flexible with you Destination. Try booking for a less traveled place. You'll have a greater chance to get piso on Dipolog(where DAKAK is located) rather than Kalibo or Caticlan.\

3. Be flexible with your travel date. Almost all travelers travel on weekends. Book yours on weekdays.

4. Try booking for 1 person first and you're sure you'll find an available seat. Then try booking for 2 persons if i works try again for 3 persons until you reached your desired number of passenger. Most of the time it only work for 1 person booking if that's the case you would have to book your ticket one passenger at a time.

You would need a lot of patience and hardwork when hunting for PISO SALE.

Happy booking everyone!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cheap Boracay Package with Airfare for only 1,728.00

Long weekends are over. I promise myself to finish my journals during the long weekends but in as much as I want to I can't extract any creative juice from my mind.As to my experience I can't start writing anything without a title to look up to. Hell yes!!! I can't even think of a good title for my wonderful trip. It was maybe because the place is so overrated and mostly visited, everyone has used every word that describe the place as title of their travel blog. Then I saw this post on facebook about a package tour which I think is a great deal. I immediately got excited, opened the link, checked the deal and wallah it was indeed a great deal. But hey!, wait a minute, just by seeing the title of the post  I got really excited why don't I use a title that looks like an advertisement. I'll surely attract budget travelers to have them read my not so visited blogsite. 

Warning!!!! This is not a scam. You must be reading this post because you thought you found yourself super cheap package to the favorite paradise of all time. It was indeed cheap but I think I got you, unfortunately i'm not one of those group buying site offering an affordable trip but really we went to Boracay and paid Php 1,728.00 for our airfare and accommodation. Just read on and let me tell you our secret.

Picture Perfect sunset

Boracay has been one of the most visited, most loved and most explored island not only here in our country but almost worldwide. Believe it or not it was never listed in the places I would want to visit. Due to its prominent name in the world of tourism it gave me an idea that the place is for sossy( is this how you spell sosyal, i dont care) , conyo people who like crowded, loud and wild places. I don't really know what conyo has to do with the place but that is what comes to my mind when I hear the word Boracay. I never really like the idea of night life which is what Boracay is known for aside from its fine white sand. Being your island girl I prefer a more quiet, peaceful and secluded places but who am I reject this very special opportunity. 

As a travel junkie I had this very accurate instinct (it could also be common sense)  or I just found a personal connection to the cheapest airline on the country on when they will release a seatsale. Whenever I feel that there's gonna be a seatsale it has been a habit that even before they post or release seatsale announcement I'm already logged in to their sites trying out possible dates of my travel. Sometime in December 2011, I found this  sale ticket in at I think Php 78.00 base fare and reserved a roundtrip ticket to Kalibo for 4 pax at a whooping Php978.00 each including taxes and surcharge. Luckily we were also able to buy a super cheap 3 days 2 nights accomodation for 2 at for only Php 1,500.00. I'm not good in mathematics and numbers but when it comes to budgets and value for money I just have to be smart. When you do the math our accommodation and airfare cost only Php 1,728.00 per person. Cheap huh? 

So here comes August the moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Since August is a rainy season we have anticipated that this was going to be a wet trip but we were wrong there was no typhoon inside PAR but there was this strong wild wind called habagat so powerful and destructive who almost drown whole Metro Manila and neighboring towns. No flights were cancelled but going to the airport is almost suicide. I was in Lipa City safe and sound performing my usual routine like nothings happening but I'm so worried that we cannot pursue on our trip.  Aside from flood that may keep us from going to the airport a part of me is telling me "can you really go on a vacation while others are on the evacuation center?" I have been confused up to the last minute I even planned on calling airphil  and ask them to rebook our ticket. I also ask for the opinion of one of my mostly followed budget traveler and blogger journeyingjames and he gladly answered.  "Hi Ann! I guess u should go to Kalibo. U can't stop the flooding naman" tomoh!!! I can't stop the flood, Isn't that inspiring? That's when I decided to go and explore  Kalibo and Boracay. 

Thursday morning August 9, 2012 the flood has subsided in most area. I went to the office with my luggage and decided to spend the night in my ate's house in QC. After work I  run to the bus station excited and ready to set foot on a new place the following day. I've noticed that everything looks normal in the metro except for trash in almost everywhere.  I arrived in QC safely but received bad news from one of our companion. He can't join us because their house was flooded which makes us a Traveling tres marias in Boracay. I tried emailing and calling airphil to ask for refund but they didn't allow. We still pursued in our trip inspite of all trouble habagat has caused us.

Kalibo International Airport
We arrived at Kalibo International Airport a little earlier than expected. Since we didn't avail the overpriced transfer the hotel offered us, we just picked from the transport services inside the airport. We got the van and ferry transfer for only Php 250.00 each. Landtrip from Kalibo to Caticlan is 2 hours and ferry is just 10 minutes. We are lucky we got a very nice closed airconditioned ferry with video on board.

The ferry looks like a submarine
We had a hard time looking for our accommodation since it wasn't that known and even residents and tricycle drivers didn't know where it is. We walk back and forth around Bolabog trying to locate our hotel.  It was located near Seven Stones surrounded by residential houses but what can we expect we got it for a very cheap price anyway we didn't stay on our room that much. Overall it isn't a bad choice at all we had a huge room with aircon, ref, 2 queen size bed and a hot and cold shower plus a very hands on owner whom we can approach in case we need something. Our accommodation is near the back beach we still need to walk 10 minutes in order to get to the front beach. Come to think of it walking is still the best form of exercise. I'll be listing down activities in the island on my next post.



Thursday, March 15, 2012

BOHOL - Travel Tips and Itinerary

Famous Chocolate Hill

Bohol is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of Bohol Island and 75 minor surrounding islands. Its capital is Tagbilaran City. With a land area of 4,117.26 square kilometres (1,589.68 sq mi) and a coastline 261 kilometres (162 mi) long, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines. To the west of Bohol is Cebu, to the northeast is the island of Leyte and to the south, across the Bohol Sea is Mindanao.( Thank you wikipedia for this one, That was a great start)

Now let me share to you some tips and list of activities we do during our stay in Bohol. Now read on if your interested : ) 


1. If you are going to stay in Panglao island be sure to bring some snacks and drinks and everything you might need including load for prepaid phones and other toiletries before going to the island because the island is almost an hour trip to the big city plus everything there is priced 3x its original price. If you are on a TIGHT BUDGET try taking out food from your favorite fastfood chain because a meal for two on the resort’s restaurant could cost you a thousand plus bucks not to mention that you have to eat two meals a day ( buffet breakfast is always included in accomodation package).

2. A whole day trip to different tourist spot is not enough to see them all so better arrange a 2 to 3 days tour. It is also advisable to hire a cab or a van during the vacation because mode of transportation around the area is so hard and expensive as well. Limited number of public transport are running around the island plus they have this scheduled trip that can ruin your schedule if you miss it. Drivers of van for rent are trained tourist guides so you wouldn’t need a separate driver and tour guide.

3. Bring a lot of 20 and 50 bills for entrance and donations to places you will visit but if you are too generous of course you could give them a higher bill.

4. Souvenirs are a bit pricey compared to baguio and tagaytay, tour guide might bring you to a place they may say where you could find the best price but still the best place to buy pasalubong is on the grocery section of Island City Mall for food and stalls in Hinagdanan Cave for keychains and shirts.

5. When visiting Balicasag Island wear an aqua shoes because the island shore has corals in it instead of sand it is not advisable to walk on barefoot or flipflops since corals could hurt a lot on feet

Well that is all I can think of for now. Enjoy your trip to bohol

Day 1
Exploring places around the resort
Dinner by the seashore at Dumaluan Bar and Resto
Night Swimming at the Resort’s pool

Day 2
The famous Chocolate Hills- Carmen Bohol
Butterfly Garden
Hanging Bridge
Lunch at Floating restaurant while cruising Loboc River
Picture Taking with the tarsier
Baclayon church-the oldest church in the country
Encounter with Prony the biggest python in captivity
Picture taking at blood Compact site with Miguel lopez de Legaspi
Island City Mall
night swimming again

Day 3- woke up early
Whale and Dolphin watching
Island Hop-in ( we visited only 1 island only)
It’s a really bumpy ride but we are abe to enjoy the big wave and water splash. It’s like an hour ride at rio grande rapids at EK
Buffet breakfast at the resort
Bohol Bee Farm
Meet up with Bayoyoy- Bohol’s smallest man who is already 65 yo but his face is just a sie of my close fist.
close encounter with the python at the mini zoo but I’m not that brave enough to carry them around my waist
Hanagdanan Cave
Alona resort- the resort we checked in is so peaceful and alona beach is the other part of panglao. it is much more crowded and a lot like Bora.
We waited for the sunset but it didn’t show so we decided to make a sand castle along the shoreline
Night Swimming
Dinner at DBR Grill where you got to choose from a wide variety of seafood and fish and cook them right after you order

Day 4
preparation for departure
few more photohoots around the resort
buffet breakfast
headed straight to tagbilaran airport qued around line for hours
depart bohol at exactly 10: 25 AM


Busuanga Island( View from the plane)

I have been hooked with out of town trips this past few months to make my life a little bit happier after a crippling fall (anyway let’s just not talk about it). The problem is, I almost run out of companion due to my best buds’ busy schedule but the good thing is my other FRIEND decided that she is too stressed at work and she needed some fresh air to breath, relax and unwind. That’s when maan came to rescue a FRIEND in need and so I told her “Hey, Why don’t we go on trip together let’s check for a sale airfare ticket.” We checked for Boracay but all promo tickets are sold out and so we decided to check on PALAWAN and wallah we found what we have been looking at I was supposed to visit Coron Last 2009 unfortunately a week before our scheduled departure I was admitted in the hospital due to a stubborn sickness. I was so frustrated then coz all my things are ready I just needed to pack them up when my sickness get in the way. Ok let’s just forget about the past, now going back to our topic we booked our trip on May 22 to 24 after the much anticipated profit sharing for Pioneer Employees ( Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of a generous company). We’ve searched far and wide for the most affordable package tour. I dialled the number of the travel agency that arranged my Bohol trip, talked to their travel agent, discussed the detail of the trip, agreed to wait for the agent’s email and waited and waited and waited but no email came. After a few days I called again talked to the travel agent , discussed the details of the trip,   agreed to wait for an email and waited and waited but again no email came. That’s when I decided to look for another and just when I needed it I happen to see a “explore in coron” advertisement in facebook page so I saved the number and dialled it the next day.  I inquired and discussed the details of the trip and agreed to wait for an email and just right after the conversation( haven’t put down the handset yet)  my mailbox informed me that I had an email from e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations, I know I was kinda exaggerating but It was really fast.  They offered 3 choices from which we googled the place and decided to choose what we think will give us a value for our hard earned money and Sir Russel didn’t fail us. As requested we were booked in Mt. Tapyas hotel where we could see the serenity of Coron Bay just by looking out of the window of our room. We had a time of our life in Coron we were able to reach places that a tourist needs to see and we have fed our eyes with the beauty of the limestones, the beaches and the corals though we weren’t able to go to Calauit Safari due to time constraint but no worries I’m sure I’ll be there again next time. Overall we had a hassle free trip Thanks again to Sir Russel of E-Philippines, Ate Cristy(tour guide) and her spouse and their grandchild April and to Kuya Anton( the tricycle Driver) for making our Coron visit a memorable one. And I also wish to thank my companion April for accompanying me in this trip she has provided me a good company we were always on time and not much delay plus she so ready with anything and everything. Have I mention that I’m afraid of heights and i don’t know how to swim, she has given me moral support on times things get scary.  She even brought a blower and iron for our hair to make it more manageable. I still got something to say but my eyes are telling me “Hey aren’t you gonna sleep it’s already 1:30AM and you still have to work tomorrow”.

P.S. Travel tips to those who want to visit Coron.
Just bring an aqua shoes( it’s a must)  and you may opt to bring a snokler and mask if you want too but the boatman has something for rent if you do not have one. Remember this one this is very very important for the ladies be sure to schedule your trip after your monthly period coz you need to dip into the water to further appreciate the beauty of Coron. This is something that I never anticipated that’s why I badly need to go back in Coron coz I was deprived to snorkle and dip into the water due to my unexpected monthly visitor. 
Another P.S.
We didn’t had any problem with regards to transportation in Coron you can pretty much go anywhere just by riding their  7 seater tricycle for only Php 10.00 per pax or you may opt to walk, jump, hop or roll around the island if you want to.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anawangin Cove-A piece of paradise in Zambales.

180 degree view of Anawangin Cove
On my previous post I've mentioned that the journey from Camara island to Capones Island is one of the most frightful trip I've ever encountered. I have gone island hopping on the the islands of Bohol, Coron, puerto Princesa and Puerto Galera but nothing beats the fear I felt while travelling from Capones Island to Anawangin Cove. The water is so wild and the waves are monstrous. I pretended that I'm having fun while the waves are almost crushing our boats but deep inside it really scare the hell out of me because i don't know how to swim should our boat flip upside down. I wasn't really afraid of huge wave, I actually love them, I love the feeling when the boat kinda ride over a huge wave  during our island hopping tour in Bohol and Palawan but when I read something about boats flipping upside down on the way to Capones I became paranoid.The waves started to become calm as we approach a place with huge limestone formation.

Anawangin cove (View from the top of the mountain)
Anawangin Cove is a crescent shape cove with a pristine white sand beach along Zambales coastline.It is known for it's unique combined Boracay shore with Baguio Pine look as described by most of the travel blogs I've read. As we are approaching near the island the first thing that caught my attention was a huge limestone formation that looks like a high wall synonymous to the limestones of Coron Palawan. For me Anawangin is a combination of Boracay's White sand beach, Baguio's Pine trees and Palawan's Limestone formations.

fenced camp site
We traveled along the coastline of high wall-like limestone formation over a more friendly wave and calmer sea. As we draw near the end of the wall our bout turned left and from there a view of pristine white sand, turquoise water, high towering pine trees and lush green and brown mountain came to our sight. It somehow reminded me of New Zealand form a milk commercial I saw on TV during my younger years. The moment was magical, I felt like I was about to cross another country. All the fears I felt during our travel melted away. I automatically took my camera out and started taking photos the moment I set foot on the sand.Our boatman carried our things to the fenced beachfront campsite and started fixing our tents while I was trying to feel the sand under my foot. The sand was a combination of white, black and crystal like pigments that glitters when the sun shines on it but the dominant color is white. The place is pretty much convenient to stay though its beauty is preserved there were waterpumps, comfort room and stores that sell everything you might need during the stay.

Exploring the forest looking for the waterfalls

We followed the river at the forest
We took more photos of the site and decided to eat our pack lunch afterwards. We bought adobo and beef steak for our food so we didn't have to cook so much in the camp and it will not spoil overnight. After eating  we decided to explore the forest at the back of the site cause we are pretty sure we could hear waterfalls while we were eating. We saw a slightly drained river at the forest and followed its trail deeper into the forest to search for the water falls. we saw some tour guides along the way and ask them if there really is a waterfalls there but unfortunately it was drained due to the hot weather. They told us to climb the mountain instead to see the full view of the cove but due to the extreme heat of the sun we decided to go back to camp and take a rest and climb the mountain at around 5 pm instead. We just took a nap at the sand and felt the serenity of the place.

Island girl havin a hard time going down

at the top


When the clock strikes five we automatically prepared ourselves for mountain climbing. The foot of the mountain is located at around 1 km away from our camp, it is located on the other side of the cove. I didn't have a hard time climbing, we reached the 3rd peak in no time took some photos and decided to climb the next peak to wait for the sunset there. When we reached the top we got to see the full view of the cove and see another cove on the other side of the mountain. After taking the photo of the sunset we decided to go down and start cooking our rice for dinner.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Anawangin Cove San Antonio Zambales

Islands, Sands and Sea


Pundaquit Shore

Your island girl didn't know how to swim that's why she make sure that her live jacket is secured ; )
After 30 long minutes of tricycle ride from San Antonio Municipal hall we finally arrived at Tita Josie’s house at Purok 2 Brgy. Pundaquit San Antonio Zambales at around 3:30 am. She was the contact person given by the agency as the only authorized person that we need to transact. She was a lady in early 50’s ( according to my judgement, forgive me if i’m wrong). She was waiting for us in front of their house coz I gave her a call that we were coming. Upon reaching the place the first thing that came into our mind is to eat as we were starving after all the transfers and twist and turn that we encountered in our adventrip. Tita Josie assisted us and offered us utensils for us to be able to feed comfortably. She even served us hot coffee which was perfect to drink that moment which we latter realize as part of the package as welcome drink. After eating, the generous Tita Josie offered us room so we could take a rest since we came a little too early for our island hopping tour which will start at 6 :30 am. We comfortably laid our backs on the bed she offered us, had a little chitchat and finally fell asleep. It was 6 :00 am, I heard voices outside the room so I instantly got out of bed reach for my bag and went to the restroom to prepare for our tour. Tita Josie prepared the things we needed for the camp since we will spending the night in the island. She provided us with cooking utensils, charcoal, gas and matchstick as well as tent for the camping. Everything we needed was ready we headed straight to the shore where our boat is waiting a few steps away from Tita Josie’s house. The water is clear and the sand is grayish, from afar across the bay you will see a small rock formation standing in the middle of the ocean. On the left side of the bay was a vast brownish green mountain on which Pundaquit bay lay on its feet. The bay on that side was also surrounded by pine trees where cottages are located while on the right side of the bay was a not so crowded residential area. Pundaquit shore itself is already beautiful if only it is not surrounded by residential homes. A lot of boat in different sizes are on the shore waiting for their passengers.
Your Island Girl and her friends

Camara Island

When we were about to leave Pundaquit shore Tita Josie ask us if we want to add Camara Island to our itinerary. She pointed on the rock formation just across the shore. She told us that it is not included in the package tour since the waves to Camara is a little bit harsh and it can only be reached during days with fine weather. We instantly agree coz it only cost an additional Php 50.00 per head. And then we pleaded to the island and we were there in less than 10 minutes. 
The island is just like a small piece of rock from afar, our boat landed on a small rocky beach surrounded be tall limestone. I thought that’s all we got to see in the island but we noticed that other tourist were dipping into the water crossing the other side of the island and so we did the same. The water is waist high and the waves are crushing by the stones along the way.Good thing I was wearing my ever reliable aqua shoes I didn’t had a hard time walking on the rocks under water. On the other side of the island is like a wider and bigger version of beach that we landed on. From a hundred meters away you will see another rock formation that looks like a big drumstick fried chicken. I think it is another small island I just don’t know what it is called and so I call it fried chicken island. WE took good photos on every spot of the island especially on stones and trees.
Camara Island

Jumpshot at Camara Island

An isolated tree makes the island more picture perfect
Fried Chicken Island( View from Camara)

Capones Island

One of the most anticipated part of the Anawangin tour is the side trip to Capones Island.Capones island has always been famous for the Spanish colonial lighthouse located on the top of the hill. I have always wanted to see the lighthouse in person because the pictures I’ve seen from the web during my research on preparation for our Anawangin tour looks really fascinating unfortunately tourist are no longer allowed to go to the lighthouse as it was under renovation.
The journey on the way to Capones island from Camara Island is one of the most exciting yet frightful trip I’ve ever encountered. I have been aware that we were sailing the famous South China Sea which is now called West Philippine sea. I know for a fact how big the South China sea is and who knows it could be shark infested. Large waves are trying to push us to our destination as we are going with the flow of the wind, It didn’t really bother me but when the boat’s engine stopped my heart started pumping a little bit faster that it used to be. I was thinking what the hell is going on here I’m in the middle of a shark infested ocean and I don’t know how to swim should this mountainous wave crush our boat. I am really getting paranoid but I’m sure they didn’t notice. Good thing the boatman was able to start the engine again. But OMG it happened twice, the engine stopped twice. I found relief upon seeing that we were approaching an island in pure white sand and big stones. We didn’t even see the shadow of the lighthouse since we are on the other side of the island. We just enjoyed exploring the rock formations and the huge high hill as if we own the island since there were only two boats in there.   

Rock Formation at Capones island that looks like a man's face profile
Photo as were approching Capones Island

Shots from Capones Island
Photo Credits to :  Mr. Leo Gonzales

Our Photographer

How to go to Anawangin Cove


I have heard of how wonderful Anawangin Cove is a lot of times and so to further attest to its beauty I have included it in my travel plans for this year. Yup, plan for this year, so it could be for the summer or on “BER” months, but who would have thought it would be this early. A couple of months ago or let’s just say last January, my BBFF Art called me ask me if I’m interested to go on and island hopping and camping trip in Anawangin and since I have been truly obsessed with exploring 7,107 islands in low tide I automatically said yes without even thinking twice.

I’ve have seen the Cashcash Pinoy Anawangin package Ad while browsing fb however due to lack of permanent travel buddy I was hesitant to purchase the voucher coz the fine print says the I need to purchase 4 vouchers in order to avail the deal. So I posted the deal for days in my facebook account but none of my friends seem genuinely interested. Good thing Art was able to invite 2 of his friends to join us to the trip. The vouchers validity is up to Jan 2013 that’s why I wasn’t really in a hurry to use it, but a day after arriving from my amazing Cebu Trip Art called me up to ask me if I’ve already set our Anawangin trip on March 3 and 4. I was shocked to hear it and this is how our conversation go.

Me: What!?! I just came from Cebu you want me to go to on another trip 2 weeks after my bonggacious Cebu trip?
Art(Dramatically speaking over the phone): What can I do? Leo and I have already filed our leave on the said dates. You know how hard it is for us working in our industry to file a leave. If it didn’t work we need to wait for another cut off to file a leave.

Of course me having a humble, pitiful and soft heart said yes even if it mean that I would have to suffer a whole cut off in misery and fitting into a super tight budget. And so I called, emailed and texted Amusement Island Travel and Tour to schedule the trip and Ms. Lara of Amusement Island replied and ask for some needed details and scheduled our trip. She gave us the details we needed to get to the place as well as the name of contact person to look for when we get there.

The Journey

Our itinerary says that transfer from Manila to Zambales was not included in the package so aside from the details given by Ms. Lara I also did a little research on how to get there as well as the schedule of victory liner since our time in not that flexible coz we will travel after working on friday. I was expecting to leave Lipa by 12 MN on a chop chop ride since Art told me that his sched is closing shift but luckily he was able to exchange his shift to his colleague.
We are all packed up and ready, we decided to meet at the bus station and we were almost left by the last trip but we were able to catch it. We depart Lipa at around 10 PM and reach Victory Liner Terminal in Cubao at around 11:20 pm just in time for the last trip to Olongapo.

But wait there’s more. Our 5 hours trip to Zambales is not just your ordinary road trip it is more of an adventure trip. Upon arriving a Lipa City bustop we still saw few buses that we can ride on our way to Cubao and since we think they will still wait for other passenger coz the bus is almost empty Art decided to eat first since he came all the way from work and he is starving. After eating we hurriedly proceeded back to the bus terminal and we saw the bus going away. We run after the bus with our bulky backpacks on but it seems that the driver didn’t notice that we were running after them. Good thing the guard from the nearby store who saw us running after the bus suggested that we wait on the other side of the road since the bus will take a u turn at the u turn slot nearby. We crossed the road laughing at our stupidity.
We ask the conductor to drop us at Victory liner in kamuning but I was wrong. Trip to Zambales is on another terminal across Baliwag Transit near Gran Prix hotel and so we had another taxi ride to terminal. When we reach the terminal the last trip to Iba Zambales has gone and the first trip will be on 6 am so we decided to buy a ticket to Olongapo and have another ride to Iba at Olongapo. I was asleep all through out the journey to Olongapo I didn’t even take a pee break when the bus stopped at Double Happiness San Fernando Pampanga.

We reached Olongapo at around 1:00 am and we walked around the area and ask the guard we see on the street where could we find a bus going to Iba Zambales they told us to stay at the terminal since the only bus that travel to Iba in Victory Liner and so we waited for around ten minutes then a bus arrived. Unfortunately the bus is already full, then another bus arrived and we decided to transfer but it is still full so we just ride in it even if we will be standing.
The road on the way to San Antonio is a zigzag road I had a hard time standing at the bus with all my baggage coz of the twist and turn of the road that lasted for almost 30 minutes. Most of turn were sharp curve that you really have to learn to sway and dance with movement of the bus. We reached San Antonio Municipal Hall at around 3 AM. We had another tricycle ride to Pundaquit.Here are the list of fares on the way to Zambales to sum up our expense:

Lipa City to Cubao-          132.00
Cubao to Olongapo-         207.00
Olongapo to San Antonio-   58.00
San Antonio to Pundaquit-  30.00
Total Transpo Expense per Pax (Round trip)   Php    854.00
Anawangin Package tour via cashcash pinoy           799.00
Additional side trip to Camara Island                        50.00
Total Expenses excluding meals                  Php  1,703.00
The Experience, the adventure and the blissful memory I gained  - Priceless